Nanum Story

The-On Sharing Project

“The-On Sharing Project”, planned by CHARMFOOD, is based on The-On’s unique concept of warmness and communication, not the simple concept of sponsorship and donation. It focuses on providing The-On’s warmness for underprivileged people around us; it provides a helping hand for individuals and groups who assist others, and shares love along with them based on The-On’s communicable philosophy.

CHARMFOOD’s The-On Sharing has participated in various monumental events such as Korean singer Kim Jang-Hun’s Dokdo Project, explorer Nam Yeong-Ho’s Australian Non-Motorized Crossing Project, including YOUNG GREAT KOREA, OVAL KOREA, Kolong Remote Area Expedition, Overseas Volunteer Club of Seoul Women’s University, and Soonsil University Invention Team.

MBC Special, KOICA’s Dream
International service project provides love and shares our effort and passion with our global underprivileged neighbors! Continuing the effort from last year, and in cooperation with the Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA), CHARMFOOD’s The-On Sharing will carry on the participation of significant relief events.
Cheongsanri History March
CHARMFOOD’s The-On Sharing has participated and will continue to contribute to the significance of national identity so that our younger generation can realize the anti-Japanese struggles and visit battlefields for independence around North Manchuria, China, and undergo cultural experience and exchange programs with Korean compatriots in China to foster the importance of nationalism, ethnicity and cultural ties.