[The:On] Bulgogi Bibimbap Heat

[The:On] Bulgogi Bibimbap Heat


- You can feel the original taste of Bulgogi Bibimbap with various seasonings.

- Owing to its Korean traditional flavor, its taste is loved by foreign people.

- Everyone can easily enjoy it owing to its simple cooking method.

- Its calories are lowered and its nutrients are increased for health of busy people.

- As hot water is unnecessary, it is much more convenient than other products.

- It is light and small suitable for leisure and travel.


Contents + Sesame-seed oil + Spoon + Deoxidizer

[The:On] Bulgogi Bibimbap Heat

Raw Ingredients & Contents
Dried rice 86.3%(Korea), Bulgogi-flavored powder 9.93%[Bulgogi-flavored pulp[onion say sauce seasoning NM{amino acid liquid(soybean), onion, soy sauce(wheat)}, purified salt, L-sodium glutamate(taste & flavor enhancer), beef-condensed seasoning, white sugar, lactose(milk), galbi-flavored flake L{beef(Australia), seasoning(beef liquid, corn starch), beef pieces(beef, seasoning), egg flake L], mixed vegetable-B[dried carrot 36.36%(China/carrot, glucose), dried onion 36.36%(China), dried green onion 14.55%, dried bok choy 12.73%(bok choy, glucose)], sesame-seed oil(imported)

Nutrients Nutrients per serving (100g)

Nutrients per servings Calorie Carbohydrate Sugars Protein Fat Saturated Fat Trans Fat Cholesterol Cholesterol
One serving contains 377kcal 79g 0g 8g 3g 0.6g 0g 5mg 미만 880mg
Standard value of nutrients 24% 13% 6% 4% 44%

※ % Standard value of nutrients : Ratio of guideline daily amount