[The:On] Jeyuk Bibimbap Light

[The:On] Jeyuk Bibimbap Light


- You can taste the combination between spicy pork and fresh vegetables.

- It is light and small enough to be easily carried around, also suitable for leisure and travel.

- You can have nutritious meals regardless of time and place.

- Its calories are lowered and its nutrients are increased for health of busy people.

- You can have warm meals in about 15 minutes just after pouring hot water.


Contents + Sesame-seed oil + Spoon + Deoxidizer

[The:On] Jeyuk Bibimbap Light

Raw Ingredients & Content
Dried rice 72%(Korea), pork seasoning powder 10%{fried pepper paste S29NM[pepper paste(wheat : US, Australia), white sugar, purified salt, paprika extract pigment, sesame oil], pork seasoning[pork chip(pork : Korea), fried sauce powder], black bean flavor powder, soy sauce HB, pepper flavor agent(milk), L-sodium glutamate(taste & flavor enhancer), pork & vegetable solid ingredient 8%[pork chip(Korea), flavor seasoning-1, purified salt], dried onion(China), galbi-flavored flake, dried carrot}, seasoning protein-1, [vegetable flake[defatted soy bean powder(India), isolated soy protein(US), acid hydrolyzed soy sauce(wheat)], flavored pork(pork), onion, seasoning beef powder, starch syrup, mixed vegetable-B{[dried carrot(China), glucose], [dried onion(China), glucose], dried green onion, [dried bokchoy, glucose]}, sesame oil(imported)

Nutrients Nutrients per serving (70g)

Nutrients per servings Calorie Carbohydrate Sugars Protein Fat Saturated Fat Trans Fat Cholesterol Cholesterol
One serving contains 262kcal 53g 5g 8g 2g 0.5g 0g 7mg 390mg
Standard value of nutrients 16% 15% 4% 3% 0% 20%

※ % Standard value of nutrients : Ratio of guideline daily amount