[The:On] Rice with Black-Bean Plus

[The:On] Rice with Black-Bean Plus


- Its fresh vegetables and pork are separately fried for better taste.

- You can enjoy the great taste of well fermented Chunjang.

- You can have warm meals in about 15 minutes after pulling a string of theheating pack inside of the product.

- Their calories were lowered and instead nutrients were increased for health of busy people.

- You can have nutritious meals regardless of time and place.

- The heating pack can be reused for keeping warmth and fomentation(1-2 times).

- You do not need additional utensils as a squared container and spoon are already included.

- They can be stored for a long time at room temperature because of retort sterilizing treatment.


[The:On] Rice with Vegetable + [The:On] Black-Bean Sauce + [The:On] Fried Kimchi + Paper lunch box + Spoon

[The:On] Rice with Vegetable

Type of Food
Instant precooked food(resort food, sterilized product)
Raw Ingredients & Content
rice 39.5%(Korea), carrot(Korea), corn, corn oil

[The:On] Black-Bean Sauce

Type of Food
Black-Bean sauce(resort food, sterilized product)
Raw Ingredients & Content
onion 9.10%(Korea), Chunjang 8.50%{flour(wheat : US, Australia), soybean(imported), caramel, purified salt,alcohol}, pork(Korea), potato, acetylate distarchadipate, carrot, corn, sugar, mixed seasoning(wheat, soybean), corn oil, ginger

[The:On] Fried Kimchi

Type of Food
Cabbage Kimchi(resort food, sterilized product)
Raw Ingredients & Content
Kimchi 83.40%{cabbage 83.0%(Korea), radish(Korea), dried red pepper powder(Korea), green onion, ginger, garlic, L-sodium glutamate, salt, sugar, flour paste}, corn oil(imported), mixed seasoning(wheat, soybean), sugar, garlic, perilla oil, dried red pepper powder

Nutrients Nutrients per serving (480g)

Nutrients per servings Calorie Carbohydrate Sugars Protein Fat Saturated Fat Trans Fat Cholesterol Cholesterol
One serving contains 657kcal 110g 11g 16g 17g 2g 0g 7mg 1,725mg
Standard value of nutrients 33% 29% 33% 13% 2% 86%

※ % Standard value of nutrients : Ratio of guideline daily amount